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Polar RS200 Running Heart Rate Monitor

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The Polar RS200 Running Heart Rate Monitor is created with the needs of serious runners in mind. Utilizing the built in inertia controlled accelerometer, the RS200 is able to give you accurate readings about the way you train.

The Polar RS200 Running Heart Rate Monitor Watch provides you with dependable Speed, pace, distance and heart rate data that can help you customize and adjust according to your training needs. It has a fitness indicator feature that allows the Polar RS200 to help serious runners create the workout that suits them best!

It even has Polar sports zones and event countdown timers to ensure that you are training properly for a specific intensity or event!

All the data that you gathered on your Polar RS200 Heart Rate Monitor can even be uploaded to your computer through the included Polar Running Coach Web Service. This would help you analyze your training better, and ensure that you are on the best training for your body type!

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User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars I love it!!!
It was just as told!! I really love it and very simple to use. Has given me no trouble. i would tell all of my friends to buy, it;s great!

1 Star Dont buy it.
Let see.

Shipped with a dead battery.

Put in a new battery. Sucked it dry in a week.

AlsoPlease note that I have read the directions:

Top left button is useless. Should illuminate. Never worked.

GUI. aka Interface is all over the place. You get to a section and it wont let you back out. Mine has been stuck in stopwatch mode for a week now. It has taken 48 separate time splits without my asking it to.

I hate my watch. Im ready to throw it out if it wasnt so dam expensive. Thanks for nothing Polar.

5 Stars Accurate Heart rate monitor
Accurate and an important part of my routine, it calculates everything I need to account for my work out. It works with both gym’s I work out in equipment I use; from elliptical to the stair master. It is calibrated for use with my body weight index, and heart rate and it gives me the greatest accuracy for my work out. I highly recommend anyone who both works out in the gym and jogging. I do not have the foot accessory for this, but will invest in it later on.

5 Stars A lot of information, but not complicated
This watch is working very well for me. I really like looking at my statistics after a workout. There is a lot of information available through this watch, but it is not complicated to understand or navigate. I wish that Polar offered a female-sized version of this watch; it’s a bit chunky for a female wrist.

3 Stars Works, but glitchy
I’ve been using the Polar RS200 for a little over a year, and on balance, I have been happy with it. It has done precisely what I have asked it to do until recently when I have been trying out more complex workouts. More on that in a second.

I believe I got a defective unit, because the watch will spontaneously emit these strange sounds, similar to a static or old-school modem sound. I guess it’s some software glitch that causes the WebSync speaker to fire off. It comes and goes without any kind of pattern. The downside of it is that the battery discharges after 6-8 months instead of the 2 years or so the manual says. Also, the noise prevents me from wearing this as a watch, day-to-day, because it would be too annoying to have it go off all the time. This sound glitch must also cause the battery to drain. I’ve scoured the web looking for answers, and the answer seems to be ship it back to Polar for evaluation and repair, at my expense. But I’m not going to do that because of the expense and my compulsive need for a running watch.

Another annoyance is that, although you can create custom exercises so that you can do — for example — interval training, you can only configure a maximum of three exercise segments. So you can configure a warm up, effort, and a cool down. Or you can configure a typical interval workout of a hard effort and recovery [no warm up and cool down, however.] But if you want to run, for example, a ladder-type speed workout where you run a 1600, 1000, 800, and a 600 with 400 meter recoveries, then you are out of luck. [I should mention that I bought the S1 foot pod separately, and I use that to gauge my distance in these sorts of workouts. I guess I should have bought the RS200sd package to start with. Oh well.] I suppose I need a more advanced watch since I am now doing more advanced training.

Apart from these complaints, I am happy with the unit. It’s a decent watch with good features and a reasonable price for most recreational runners. If you plan on doing more advanced training, then I would look for something else.

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