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Oslo All Purpose Stopwatch

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Sometimes you just want the simplicity of being able to time your runs and measure how fast you are able to complete a lap. For this purpose, having new fangled watches that are loaded with features can become cumbersome and difficult to use. This is where the Oslo All Purpose Stopwatch comes in.

The Oslo All Purpose Stopwatch is able to provide you with the fundamental timing features that you would need for most sporting events. You could use it while you run, swim, cycle or whatever activity that you need accurate time measures.

The Simple interface of the Oslo All Purpose Stopwatch enables those who train to simply push a button to control when they want to start or stop timing their runs. They would not have to be bogged down by navigating complex and confusing menus just to be able to get the time measures that they need.

User Ratings and Reviews

1 Star Looks great but doesn’t work
the product arrived in a timely fashion. It looks great! But neither I nor either of my adult sons can figure out how to work it!! You can’t set the time and without that cannot get a start on it. So, three adults cannot get it to function.

2 Stars Oslo Stop Watches
Start and Stop buttons sometimes do not work properly. You have to press really hard to get them to function.

1 Star Lowest Possible Quality for the Money
Bought these figuring they would be a good value for timing our local high school swim meets. Didn’t want to spend too much since the watches often “walk”. They are unusable. I returned all 12 of them. Buttons are too hard to click for a stopwatch. Also hard to get into the right mode and keep it there. Timers would be unable to get accurate results. Not necessarily the low price that makes them cheap–just poorly made. I got some new ones that cost only slightly more and they work great!

3 Stars if they are good, they are very very good…
I bought several of these for timing work and swim laps; two work very easily and well, and two were crotchety, not turning on and off easily and making me slip on the time. It seems the quality is inconsistent.

1 Star Cheap
Extremely cheap…toy. They remind me of party favors. The buttons are oblong, and rock one way or the other when pressed. Sometimes a press results in the actual button making contact, sometimes not. I bought 4 and all 4 are like this, it’s not a fluke. Pick another stopwatch.

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