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Polar RS200sd Heart Rate Monitor Watch Black

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The Polar RS200sd Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a watch that is made especially for people who take their running seriously.

Powered by its highly accurate inertia controlled accelerometer, this time piece can easily measure data necessary for improving your running regiment. It can accurately capture your speed, pace, distance, and heart rates as you run.

The Polar RS200sd Heart Rate Monitor Watch also has a fitness indicator feature which allows the runner to create a highly personalized workout. It is able to measure your fitness level, and give you workouts that will not over train or under train you.

To further check your training levels, the Polar RS200sd even features uploadable training settings to your running computer. This allows you to send your workout files to the Polar Running Coach Web Service for analysis.

User Ratings and Reviews

4 Stars Best polar for the price
I’m an experienced runner (running for more than 5 years) and I just can’t train without a polar on my wrist… First I bought a simple polar F3… At first It was good because all I wanted was my heart rate measured… But after 6 months I realized it wasn’t enough… So I spent a good money on a Polar FT80 Heart but that was too much… You just don’t use all the features of the watch and the screen is too dim at night and when you are running at high level you get have an easy to see screen, one that just at a glance you get all the information you need and want… So, as I’m from Brazil and I moved to US I forgot to bring my Polar FT80 Heart so I purchase the Polar RS200sd (the sd means speed and distance because it comes with a footpod)… This heart rate monitor does all the work… It measures your speed and distance (that’s good for street runner but useless for treadmill runners only if you like the watch to keep registered your speed and distance for that day)… And gives you your heart rate, your percentage, and your ownindex (VO2)…

I’ve learned that the polar ownindex is not accurate but it is useful for doing a training program at the polar weblink software…

This polar comes with a feature called connectivity… You download the polar weblink software, register yourself on their website and transfer your training data from your polar just putting it near your computers microphone… It makes a modem connecting sound and it transfer all the data (it’s easy to do it)… Thus, after transferring the data you can create training programs up to marathon… Moreover, it’s really useful for you to keep your whole data as this polar only keep in file your last 20 sessions (more than enough)…

In a nutshell, I would certainly recommend this polar for experienced runner and beginners… Keeping a track of your heart rate and your training evolution is extremely important and with this polar on your wrist you will be just fine…

Best cost for the features, certainly do not recommend spending more money… This does it all…

5 Stars Solid and Dependable
I am currently training for the Marine Corp Marathon and recording all my runs using this watch. I am tracking against a training program i created on the polar training website. The watch included the optional footpod. I find this to be an invaluable tool as I use it to track pace (min/mile) as well as total distance. Overall i am extremely happy with this purchase. As a long distance runner i am able to keep track of my heart rate and better manage my fitness through training zones. This is not perfect as i find i am typically running at 90% of my maximum heart rate unless i make a concerted effort to slow down.

5 Stars Polar RS200SD Heart Rate Monitor Review
Pros: Price, Weblink, accurate, not big, easy to navigate.

Cons: none

I have had no problems with my Polar RS200SD. It is extremely accurate. and easy to use although more advanced interval monitoring is a little cumbersome. For anyone looking to purchase a heart rate monitor for the first time the RS200SD is a great start and has the weblink feature that lets you use Polar’s software to breakdown and visualize your workout heart rate data. I have not used the foot pod so I can’t comment on it. I’ve had very good luck with mine so far.


4 Stars Good watch
This is a good entry level watch for a runner that wants to follow their HR during runs. The watch is only moderately complex. The numbers are legible. The basic kit comes with a strap, the sd kit comes with the footpod.

You really need to buy into the HR zones to get the full function of this watch. Otherwise, it may be a bit of overkill. The polar website has some additional instructions that help with this.

5 Stars Just what I was looking for…
I LOVE this Heart Rate Monitor watch!! It is just what I was looking for in a HR Monitor for running. I would highly recommend it…It is easy to use and loaded with great features for runners/walkers.

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  1. Polar RS200SD says:

    I like this HRM the best because I can enter my own personal training zones. Foot pod is kinda cool, sounds like it takes some getting used to.

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