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Nike Womens Imara Run Watch R0075 001

The Nike Womens Imara Run Watch provides women with a running watch that has a feminine flair.

The Nike Women’s Imara Run Watch has a stylish design that is catered to women. It has a black case and pre-curved polyurethane strap have a sleek, narrow profile with a durable, highly polished silver stainless steel bezel and an oversized stainless steel buckle.

Of course, the Nike Imara is not just about design. It is capable of tracking training times with the 43-lap chronograph, has two countdown timers help you time alternate between hard and easy for interval training or run/walk events and also provides two time zones, date display, and one alarm.

The combination of fully functional running features, and the elegant and stylish feminine design og the Nike Womens Imara Run Watch is a perfect fit, for female runners everywhere!

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User Ratings and Reviews

3 Stars Easy to read!
This is the easiest to read watch that I have ever owned! The time and date are very large and bold, great for those of us with less than perfect eyesight

The time was a little off, it gained about 5 minutes in 6 month’s time. Also, the band is plastic, so no surprise when it broke after 18 months, the problem is that there is no way to replace the band.

I really liked the style, and with the easy to read face, I am considering purchasing another one in spite of the short comings.

2 Stars Good watch, TERRIBLE strap.
I had this watch for about four months before both the top and bottom straps started separating from the face. I could still wear it, so I did, until another problem arose: the strap got a big crack in it and eventually broke. All because of normal wear; I’m not that abusive. I thought perhaps it was just that one watch until I sent it in to nike, which returned me a brand new watch for $12, on which the straps began separating from the face AGAIN. One day the strap finally separated completely from the face, so I can’t wear it anymore. Now I can tell the problem is that the rod connecting the strap to the face is held in on the ends by cheap plastic that breaks easily, allowing the rod to bend and eventually snap. I loved this watch (both of them actually), but I’m moving on to a watch with a strap that wraps around the face.

2 Stars running late
This watch runs late and the alarm is very quiet you can’t hear it.

Nice design.

4 Stars Nike Women’s Imara Run Watch
The watch was delivered in a very timely manner, but there was no invoice or paperwork when delivered.

4 Stars NIke Imara HRM – Love It!!
I run, bike & swim in my Nike Imara HRM & love it! It’s accurate & easy to use. The CD that came with it was educational & helpful. I’ve had no issues with it picking up other monitors (some other reviewers said it did) even when we’re close together.

I wish it did 2 things: 1 – provided max hr during workout (real bummer!). 2 – downloaded to my computer (I’m a data geek). But, for the price $79.00, I’m not complaining!

Now, if I could only find a sports bra as wonderful!

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