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Sports Instruments Fit 3 Heart Rate Monitor

Sports Instruments Fit 3 Heart Rate Monitor

41Z12YR41KL. SL75  Sports Instruments Fit 3 Heart Rate Monitor

The Sports Instruments Fit 3 Heart Rate Monitor is a good choice for anyone looking for a training tool for keeping fit and staying healthy.

The Fit 3 Heart Rate Monitors provide runners with a way to track their training data. They would be able to see their Heart Rates, track their distance travelled, and even learn about their pace during their training. It even has 3 separate training zones to ensure that you can find the proper training intensity that your body can handle.

The Fit 3 Heart Rate Monitor also features a chart mode that can help people track their previous work-outs. It would display results and you would be able to see if you are improving your running times through training.

The Sports Instruments Fit 3 Heart Rate Monitor also has a zoom feature that makes the display easier to read. This makes all your data much more easier to analyze and handle.

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User Ratings and Reviews

3 Stars nice HRM but the case breaks
nice HRM but the case breaks

i think they quit making them too

the ears that hold the band on, break

i have had 5 of them so far!

no, i am not doing anything special to make them break

on the other hand it is a very good HRM

you can just exercise and later see how much time you spent

in 3 separate zones

the zones are not changeable

they are

50-70% max



i like that better than having to set ‘training zones’ like all other HRMS

this one is different

i like the way it works better

if the cases were any good

they aren;t

both batteries are user replaceable

battery life is good


5 Stars Best HR monitor yet
I’ve been using the Sports Instruments Fit-3 Heart Rate monitor for about a month now and it’s proven to be great. I especially like the ‘zoom’ feature, making it easier to read. The ‘chart’ mode is great also as I can keep a record of past work-outs. I previously used another brand of HR monitor that was good, but this unit is great!

2 Stars Sports Instruments products were produced in 2003 or earlier
Sports Instruments (SI) was a Utah based company with 3-4 employees that was sold to Bell Sports in 2004 (and Bell Sports was later sold to Easton Sports in 2006). SI’s activities had slowed, and it is reasonable to believe that Sports Instruments Pro, Fit and ECG Heart Rate Wristwatches were last produced in 2003 or earlier. Products were made in Asia by a reputable factory.

Designer and competitive masters athlete Bill Corliss created products with an intelligently designed user interface that was easy to use. The Pro 7 and Pro 9 Hear Rate Wristwatches provided detailed and valuable data for the serious athlete. The Fit and the earlier ECG Fitness Heart Rate Wristwatches had fewer advanced features. The chest transmitter should work with most fitness equipment designed to work with the Polar standard.

If you buy an SI watch, you should know that the original batteries are at the end of their shelf life. Unless the seller has recently replaced batteries, you will quickly or immediately face the burden and cost of dealing with battery issues.

Replacing the watch batteries is too difficult for most consumers. Even a professional repair person must use care to maker certain that the parts are precisely returned to the original positions to maintain water resistance. Expect to pay $9-20 to have the watch battery replaced, and tell your repair person you want the product to keep its water resistance. The battery on the wireless chest transmitter may be less drained than the watch’s and is user replaceable, a nice feature. The chest transmitter’s CR2032 3-volt lithium battery should be available for under $4. Total outlay for 2 batteries: $13-24.

The Sports Instruments Pro, Fit and ECG products are closeouts with manufacturing dates of 2003 or earlier. If you are willing to deal with battery replacement issues, make certain that you get a good enough price to justify the added repair burdens … and that you get good information about how to obtain warranty service from a brand that is no longer produced.

4 Stars Works like charm
I have really enjoyed this product. As some have mentioned on this page i also experienced some issues with battery life. I sent in the product to the mfr (the warranty is for 2 years from purchase)the bater was replaced and I got it back within 2 days. Their service department was greatIt now works like a charm and I couldn’t be happier. I use it 5 times a week and have yet to see another monitor with the same features for the same amount of money.

Beware, I received this watch and it did not work, when I sent the inquiry to Infitinate Surplus, I never received a response. Wish I had read all the reviews prior to ordering and realized it had been manufactured in 2003!! The watch arrived DOA! Now Amazon says Infinite_Surplus has a policy that once an item has been opened, they will not take it back (Amazon should be ashamed of themselves for making people read the fine print of their re-sellers for shipping a product that doesn’t work, how are you supposed to find out it doesn’t work unless you open it????) In any event, this watch came in a box that had obviously been opened before and taped back shut. Now I think Amazon AND Infinite-Surplus are a huge rip-off

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