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Features to look for in a Running Watch:

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When people look at the specifications of running watches, they could be bombarded by a bunch of information about its features and other information about the watch’s capability. Unfortunately, this overload of data can become a hindrance for a customer who is looking to purchase one. This is because they could become confused as to which features they should look for to help in their decision.

While the different manufacturers and models of running watches would mean that each one of them would have unique features, there are some things that are consistent in a running watch. These are the features that should always be great in any model so that it would become a good running watch for you.

Here is a list of those features that you should look for in a running watch to determine if it would help you:

Connection to GPS

A GPS powered running watch would definitely help you in your training. This is because the GPS system would help you accurately track data such as your location, pace, and total distance covered.

The power of a GPS powered running watch is truly capable of providing you with the highly accurate data that you would need if you are serious in your running training.

Large and Legible Display:

It could be hard to focus on your training if you would not be able to read the data on your running watch. Having jumbled data, or very confusing data fields would be frustrating for you to see while running.

Related to this, you should also check whether the running watch display can still show you good data at night or at bright light. You may want to invest in a watch that has a backlit display such as those termed as Indiglo.

Computer Connectivity:

Having a running watch that has good computer connectivity would definitely help you in your training. A whole host of options becomes available for you if you are given the capability to download or upload your training data.

You can get professional advice from various runners, or run training analyzing software for you to know which aspects of your training would still require improvement.


Running training could lead you to situations where nature can be difficult to work with. Rain, sleet, snow, or even extreme heat can be your enemies. That’s why you should check if the running watch is able to withstand harsh environments.

Things to check for could be water resistance, as well as how tough the construction of the watch and its straps are. You don’t want your watch to break down right in the middle of your training!

The ones listed are just some of the basic factors and features that you should take into consideration when purchasing a running watch. Being able to find a watch that can satisfy all of them would truly help in ensuring that you would have a good partner as you work out.

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